Not Another Ramen for Lunch

I had an hour between classes today, I really wanted to make something TASTY. But I only had so much to work with. This recipe calls for only 6 ingredients, and I made it up, cooked it, ate it and cleaned everything up  in about 40 minutes. I'm even now blogging about it in my minutes before I have to go!

The problem with only having so much time is that I didn't measure anything... but I will make an estimated list of ingredients for you.

Spaghetti with Spinach, Sausage, Peppers and Cheese

Spaghetti Noodles - a handful. (really, I only ever cook for myself. This amount made enough for my lunch now, and then two more servings later. I love leftovers,)

Sausage - 1/3 lb (I used Jimmy Dean Italian Spiced)

Evaporated milk - 1/4 cup (I would recommend cream, but this was all I had. It worked out really well)

Cheese - 1 cup, I happened to have a mix of Mozerella and Parmesan. I wouldn't recommend any other cheese, but it's up to you ... or your fridge.

Baby Leaf Spinach - 3 oz

Crushed Red Pepper - Desired amount (I like it spicy!)

Put a pot of water, for noodles to boil, on high. 

(If your sausage is not already defrosted, do so now in microwave)

In a frying pan with maybe a centimeter of water, cook spinach on medium heat until it's lilted. This will only take a couple of minutes, and the spinach should still be bright green. Drain spinach in colander. (If you are as scatter brained as me and forgot to put the noodles in the boiling water, IT'S PROBABLY BOILING NOW! turn down the heat to medium high while you're at it.)

In same, dried frying pan, cook sausage in some olive oil.

While that is cooking, cut up spinach.

When sausage is done, drain out fat, bring down the heat, and add evaporated milk and half of the cheese. Stir, adding cheese until at your desired consistency. Add spinach and peppers, and you're ready to eat. 

Apologies for the wretched cell phone picture, camera left in Forrest's car. He's up the mountain snowboarding today. I'll work on my picture skills.

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  1. Sounds Delish! :) Reminds me of the spinach ravioli we had one time. Spinach is grand ;)