Without a Trace

Making something in a kitchen shared with 5 other girls is sometimes a challenge. Often times we're all in a hurry, and there are multiple people trying to make something at the same time before each has to run off to school. This results in piled up dishes, spills on the counter, and food left out. I've created a list to help cut your time in the kitchen and leave the place as if you never entered.
  1. How much time do you have? If you only have a 30-50 minute break between classes you're not going to be able to make lasagna for goodness sakes! find something easy and fast. If you're lost, get online and check out some quick, easy recipes! I like to use recipenut.com. I can save my favorite recipes on my account, and quickly search for recipes according to the number of ingredients, main ingredients, or time to prepare.
  2. Save yourself time, use as little as possible. If you really find cleaning up your mess a pain, try to use less utensils and dishes. If you want to get really anal about it you could even eat out of the pot you cooked in. This saves on clean up time.
  3. When there's time to lean, there's time to clean! When I'm baking or cooking something, the second I sit down to relax it seems like all my energy is GONE. So instead of sitting, I get to doing my dishes that are waiting to be done. Even if I have a few seconds while I'm waiting for my food to cool off, I'll wash a pot or two. To me, it's better to get it all done and THEN relax, than to rest now, get nagged by the roomies, and then have to do the dishes unwillingly.
Try it out! It's a pretty nice feeling not having those dishes in the back of your mind.

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