Growing up in South Florida, I had the opportunity to grow up being exposed to people from many cultures. Moya Brown from the Bahamas, Maylise Santaro from France, Luciana Corte from Brazil, Dennis from Turkey, Monnica from Ecuador, Dennis Ochoa from Japan, Deanna Crispino from New York, Ashley Wolfe from Maryland, and of course my Mormon family, The Ottings, from Colorado. I could go on forever. It was great! and I didn't even know it until I moved to Southern Utah.
I love Utah, but the culture is COMPLETELY different. We can just say that I went through a lack-of-culture culture shock. Not too much to choose from. Native-Americans, Mexicans, and Native-to-Utah-Mormons pretty much cover everything. I'm used to it now, but every once in a while someone will say something, or not know what I'm talking about and it catches me off guard.
For example, yesterday I had some sweet potatoes and I wanted to make some Latkes with them! Yum! But it didn't take long before I heard the words, "What is a Latke?"
! ! ! ! ! !
I  know that the bulk of the Jewish culture is FAR from being close Utah, and so when I though about it, it really wasn't much of a surprise that none of my roommates knew about Latkes. As I am sure plenty who are reading this don't know either. So I will explain!
A latke is a potato pancake! Fried up shredded potato, egg, flour, onions and spices. It's pretty simple. This lady will tell ya

I also made some last night with sweet potatoes, using this recipe >

Try 'em out if you'd like!
Also, post some of your favorite cultural recipes so I can try them out!

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  1. I've come to like bread pudding for dessert a lot. It's sort of like yeast cake pudding.

    Maybe I was measuring wrong but I'd double the bread they say in that recipe. Then you can add raisins or nuts but I prefer the creamy smooth texture.